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Vide512Enduro Live is the official App for Live Timing of the FIM MAXXIS Enduro World Championship (EWC).

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Vide512 Enduro Live 2.0 : released on 25th March 2014.
Vide512 Vide512 Adaptation to iOS 7 flat design
Vide512 Vide512

Vide512 Notes about the crash during second day of GP of Greece (22-23 Jun) :
Vide512 Vide512 The app was crashing during the second day of GP of Greece. This was not due to a problem of the
Vide512 Vide512 app. A file was missing on the website providing the timing datas. The app was working well during
Vide512 Vide512 the the next GP (France) without new delivery .
Vide512 Vide512

Vide512 Enduro Live 1.5 : released on 28th May 2013.
Vide512 Vide512 Move “Reset datas” from “Settings” to “More ..."
Vide512 Vide512 Finally found the bug of ST Classification with two first riders, two second riders, etc !
Vide512 Vide512

Vide512 Enduro Live 1.4.2 : released on 03rd May 2013.
Vide512Vide512fix a minor cosmetic problem with a logo (confusion GasGas and Gas-Gas)

Vide512Enduro Live 1.4.1 : released on 18th April 2013.
Vide512Vide512minor cosmetic changes asked by the promoter

Vide512Enduro Live 1.4 : released on 22nd March 2013.
Vide512Vide512fix a minor bug in Overall Display and in Standings, one more :-(

Vide512Enduro Live 1.3 : released on 1st March 2013.
Vide512Vide512• adapted for iPhone 5
Vide512Vide512• updated with 2013 Calendar
Vide512Vide512fix a minor bug in Standings

Vide512Enduro Live 1.2 : released on 1st May 2012.
Vide512Vide512• Cumulative Time of Special Test is now displayed on “ST nn” and “Overall” views.
Vide512Vide512 It was expressly requested by the paddock !
Vide512Vide512New view added : World Championship Standings
Vide512Vide512 Archived results of previous GP are now accessible (via Calendar)
Vide512Vide512 More practice “Categ” button : jump to next non-visible category
Vide512Vide512 Fix some bugs

Vide512Enduro Live 1.1 : released on 23 March 2012.
Vide512Vide512• some minor changes about UI (to avoid truncated GP name in title for example)
Vide512Vide512now 5 choices for sort order in Entry List

Vide512Enduro Live 1.0 : released on 14 March 2012